Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bunny Hugs Card and Picture Tutorial

I've had several requests on how I made my two Peachy Keen face spinner cards, Turn that Frown Upside Down and Lucky to Have a Friend Like You. My original spinner card was inspired by an ADORABLE astronaut card that Nikki (Scrappin' Navy Wife) had made. I loved her card it blew me out of the water and got the wheels in my head turning and I went from there. Below is the card I'm going to show you how to make today. WARNING: This is a VERY long post!!!

I'm not ready for a video tutorial yet so I've tried to work up a picture tutorial for you all. I hope it makes sense and I hope you enjoy it. This is definitely not the only way to do this, it is just the way I do it. Do whatever works best for you and have fun. For my version of this card you will need either Design Studio or a Gypsy. Alright here we go.

Step 1: Add the card from the Wild Card cartridge. It looks like the image below.

Step 2: Flip the image (or rotate it 180 degrees).

Step 3: Hide all of the circles except for the little one right above the biggest one (this is where your brad comes through so your card can spin)

Step 4: Grab the image you are wanting to use. For these kinds I use images where there is a 'face shape' in the cut somewhere. For example this bunny below has a dashed line around his face that is because there is a 'face shaped' cut that would normally be layered on top of this.

Placement of the bunny is very important because 1: you need to have enough space under the face area for a small brad to move around without being seen. And 2: you also want to make sure this is where you will want the image when the card is put together because everything will need to line up perfectly with the little window or peek hole that the face cut makes.

Step 5: Grab the coordinating face shape (like the one to the right in the picture below). Then line it up with where it would belong on the bunny. Group the bunny and the face shape together so that when you move them away later they will stay together.

Step 6: Copy another face cut and line it up perfectly with the previous cut. You want this face shape to be 'grouped' with your card base and NOT with the bunny. Now you want to move the bunny away but leave the other face there. We want this to cut out because this is the peek hole for your card.

Step 7: Now you will want to lay all of the other coordinating pieces for the spinner card and bunny out on your mat how you would like them to cut.

Alright, how are we doing? Is everything about as clear as mud. I hope that the pictures are helping a little. Now we will continue on with the actual cutting and assembling.

Step 8: Place your paper on your mat and cut it with your Cricut. I like to get everything cut at the same time if I can. Here is what my mat looked like before cutting:

and here are all the pieces for my card after it was cut:

I did make one extra cut because I wanted to show you the difference between 'our' special bunny and the one that would normally cut.

Step 9: Score and fold the card in half, then add the circle liner to the inside with a brad. (Side note: I like to add the brad pretty side up on the inside because the part on the outside of the card will just be covered up in the end - I think this makes it look nicer).

This is what the inside looks like:

And here is what the front looks like:

Step 10: Lightly trace around the face shape with pencil as many times as it will fit (make sure it is light because you will want to erase it later). After tracing the face shape on the skin colored spinner remove the brad and set aside for later.

Step 11: Stamp the faces you want to use.

Step 12: Erase the pencil tracings and color in the eye whites and then add rosy cheeks.

Now the liner is all ready to go. Now lets work on the rest of the card.

Step 13: Ink the insides of the peek hole the same color as the top cut, in this case purple. You want to do this because you don't want the blue to show through when you put it together. Believe me this step makes a world of difference in the finished product. I inked around the whole bunny while I was at it.

Step 14: Assemble your bunny and decorate your card base (just make sure that you don't cover up any part of your window).

Here are my three main pieces ready for assembly:

Step 15: THIS STEP is VERY important. Make sure to attach the peach colored liner to the inside of the card with your brad again. It is important to add the liner before you attach the bunny because the bunny is supposed to cover up or 'hide' the brad. This is how your card will look now (kinda funny I know but it will look awesome after the next step).

Step 16: Adhere your bunny to the front of the card and voila you have a super cute and fun card that you won't want to stop spinning!

Here are pictures of each of the faces for this bunny...

Thanks for following along this super long picture tutorial. If you end up making one of these make sure to let me know so I can come and take a look. Have fun! Huge BUNNY HUGS - Glora

Items Used:

Simply Charmed Cricut cartridge
Wild Card Cricut cartridge
My Creative Time stamps - Color Me Happy
Peachy Keen Stamps - Critter Faces Large
Market Street Stamps - Perfectly Pretty Grid
Lilac twine from The Twinery
Martha Stewart Doiley punch
Inks for inking
Sakura White Gellyroll pen


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