Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sad Story about my Gypsy

My Gypsy died! After a year-and-a-half of working it hard, today I turned it on, and the blue light lit up but the screen didn't. I tried the hard reset button in the back, but still couldn't get it to turn on.
I had Mother's Day projects to do, so I had to go on without it. It felt so foreign to handle the actual cartridges and plug them into the Expression machine! I remembered that somehow, a long time ago, this is how I did things!

I tried several times over the next few hours, turning it on, reseting it, and then letting it sit and rest for a time - hoping it would come back. But it never did.

A few hours later, when my husband returned home from my Saturday honey-do list, I handed him my machine and cried about the sad problem. He pressed the button and it turned right on (I shouldn't be surprised - he's really good about knowing how to press the right buttons, but that's another story). I quickly plugged it in and did a backup of my designs from the last few weeks that I had thought were lost forever.

Now, we will see if it continues to work.

Update: After the update, I turned it off and it wouldn't work again. I let it rest, and it worked again about 4 hours later. Now I'll go madly cutting until it dies.


  1. Scary! Glad to hear it is working again.

  2. I've had nightmares about that happening to me! I hope they have a way to link your cartridges to a new Gypsy if you can't get this one working properly.

  3. glora, mine won't stay charged, so they are sending me a new one! but the idea of being without for 2-3 weeks seems so scary...I've really come to depend on my little friend!
    liz :O)

  4. Glad it's working again Glora. That must've have been scary and very frustrating. Better get another one as a backup

  5. I feel your loss. I thought I had lost mine back in January. I used my DS but since it is on a PC not a laptop it was extremely cumbersome. I hope Provocraft can fix it for you ASAP:-)

  6. Oh No!!!!! I don't know what I would do w/out mine!! Good luck!!!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm glad its working for you now! I'm actually going to be selling mine, so if you need a new one, let me know! :)

  8. Glora,

    I'm glad you got your designs off of it (just in case), but I hope it keeps working for a LONG time!!!

    Crafty hugs,


    From the way it sounds like you love it, I wish you could teach me how to use mine! (I got mine for my birthday the first week of January & other than downloading my many cartridges to it, I haven't used it yet!)

  9. I had the EXACT same thing happen to mine. It gradually took longer and longer to turn on and after about a week, it never would come on again. I was absolutely LOST without it!! You were VERY smart to back up your files, as I did not. :( PC sent me a new one, no problem... but now I have to reinstall my MANY MANY cartridges. I am just happy to have my G back!!

  10. Oh Glora this is terrible!!! I hope it gets better. I don't know if I would know how to use the cricut without my Gypsy anymore!!! I'm sending good thoughts to your gypsy, good luck! Love and Hugs, Cathryn :)

  11. Oh Glora!! I'm so sorry!! I hope it was just a tired hiccup and it will live a long life for you.

  12. It's so silly how we get attached to our toys. Hope your Gypsy stays alive...

  13. I'm glad your Gypsy is working again!! I would DIE without mine!! And, if it makes you feel any hubby is the same way. I can try & try to get things to work...then he comes along & pushes the power button...and VOILA!! I don't know...