Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What is an Action Wobble?

I've had some of you ask what an Action Wobble is. It is a collapsible spring that has two flat sticky ends that can be applied to any flat surface. Here are some pictures of what one looks like (click the pictures to enlarge them):

These amazing little creations will lay down basically flat for shipping in an envelope but spring back to life when removed from the envelope. They are amazing!!! AWi (the makers of Action Wobble) have started up a Facebook page. Feel free to 'like' their page and learn more about Action Wobbles and to see some better pictures too. www.facebook.com/actionwobbles

Full Disclosure: I was given the Action Wobbles at no cost to me to review on this blog. However, I wouldn't be talking them up if I didn't believe in them!


  1. Such a cool idea!!! :) I will have to check out their Facebook page...

    Thanks, Glora!

  2. Where can I purchase action wobbles? Thanks for your help.
    Please put action wobble in the subject line so that I know it's from you. Thanks again.
    Have a Great Day!