Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Facebook Tip (from D.H. Scrubby)

As you know, Facebook keeps "adjusting" the way things work. For example, even though you have signed up to "Like" your favorite pages, the things they post might not actually show up on your news feed (unless they pay extra money to Facebook to promote their post).

The good news is that you can do something about it, to never miss a post!

1. Go to Glora's Crafts' Facebook page (or any other favorite page)

2. Hover over the "Like" button ("Like" it first if you haven't yet).

3. Check "Get Notifications"

It's that easy! You won't miss another post from your favorite page!

Glora's husband fancies himself a writer and a technology enthusiast (code for "likes expensive toys"). As a guest writer for Glora's Crafts, he writes articles which might be interesting to the crafting and blogging community.Comments are always welcome - however, please understand that I cannot provide technical support for your specific situation. If you run into trouble, seek out professional assistance (that is, invite the neighborhood nerd over and offer him a doughnut).


  1. Well Mr. DH Scrby this was an AWESOME tip! Well I have liked Glora's Crafts fan page for awhile but never knew this tip! She was the first person that I tried this tip on ~ Thank YOu1 Facebook moves so fast that I miss so many posts! Keep the tips coming ~ I hope she invites you back as Guest blogging in 2013 too! hehehehe!

  2. Sorry for my last comment my typing is horrible and my DH's laptop is acting up!! Errr!